Since Judge Hubbell seemed to prefer Taz...he competed again at the Greater
 Lafayette Kennel Club Dogshow on Sept 16, 2012...and Judge Hubbell picked
 Taz again for Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex! Taz now has 4 points
 towards his AKC Conformation title!
                            ~~Thanks again Judge Hubbell!~~

 His 3rd  point was awarded at Kankakee River Valley Kennel Club  Dogshow
 on Dec. 3, 2011 under Judge Stephen J. Hubbell. Judge Hubbell  liked our Taz
  better than Diego!                ~~ Thank You Judge Hubbell~~

 Taz picked up his 2nd Conformation point at the Fulton County Kennel Club
 Dogshow on October 8, 2011  under Judge  Joe C. Walton. Cynthia Clapper
 handled him for me to this win.          ~~Thanks Cindy and Judge Walton~~


  Then , on Sunday Feb 27, 2011....Judge Mrs. Betty-Anne Stenmark awarded our Taz
  Winners Dog for his first AKC Conformation point!
  Judge Stenmark stated ...
 "He has a beautiful head and chest...and a nice dark eye, not easy to get in a dog of this
                    ~~Thank You Judge Stenmark for recognizing Taz!!~~

  In his second showring outing on Sunday Feb 26, 2011, Taz took Reserve Winners Dog
  and the Best Smooth Puppy Award  at the Blackhawk Kennel Club Dogshow under Judge
  Mr. Joe C. Walton!                     ~~Thanks Judge Walton~~

 Taz' first show experience was under Judge Brett Hamilton of Australia. Judge Hamilton 
 presented Taz with the Winners Dog ribbon, although there was no competing entry. 
                                          ~~Thanks Judge Hamilton~~