In 1986, Don Wolff brought home a cardboard box and placed it in the dining room of our home in Mesa, Arizona. When I arrived home and saw the box...I said "I wonder what this is? I wasn't expecting any packages today." When I opened the flaps on the box, a tiny red head emerged followed by the longest puppy I had ever seen! Don had heard me say that as a kid I had loved to visit our neighbors who owned 2 Dachshunds and that some day, I'd like to have one!
        That was Rudy, our first doxie, a Red Smooth Mini with plenty of spunk! He co-existed with a young Red Doberman, Chili, and a Himalayan cat, Sherpa. Don and I have both had many breeds of dogs in our lives, and I personally, have never lived for more than a few months without a canine companion, but I had no idea what this little red weiner had started!
        Soon Nutmeg would arrive, followed by Valentino and Cindette. Now we had a Red longhair stud dog and one each,a Red and a Black and Tan Smooth bitch. This was the beginning of dachshund puppy breeding for us. Meg and Cindy produced beautiful litters for the next several years...and when they were retired, their daughters Teddy and Aby took the spotlight as Mommies while the Matrons relaxed with us on the sofa and in the bed!
        We moved to a home in Chandler, Arizona and then to our Gilbert, Arizona home. Each time we moved, the doxies got bigger and better living areas and more freedom to interact with each other and enjoy their lives. I named the Arizona Kennel "Jodachs Kennels"...a combination of my name and Dachshund. Our puppies were placed locally, and in homes as far away as Washington and Idaho. I felt real joy at receiving cards from happy owners saying how much they adored their doxie puppy!
        I took my home-bred girl Teddy to a few AKC puppy matches and began to think about showing dachshunds. Unfortunately, Teddy didn't enjoy the showring...but I still had the desire to see one of my own "Jodachs" dogs sporting the CH. before it's name.
        By 2005, Don had decided he was ready to retire from his work, and so we began to look for a place to relocate for our retirement years. I had family in Northern Indiana, so we agreed it would be a good choice. We packed up, sold the Gilbert home and bought a place with a couple acres of land, a house 2 barns and a pond near Valparaiso, Indiana. 
        6 Dachshunds made the trip from Arizona to Indiana. These included Aby, the eldest and last of our Black and Tan Arizona dogs. Redi, son of my beloved Teddy and Valentino, and his sister Demi, came along. They are the last of the Red Arizona dogs. New additions were Venus, Thor and Ivey. A week after arriving, Titan came from Georgia to join our group. These four would become the basis for our Cream showing and breeding program. In January 2007, Sandy, a Red Smooth girl and Peggy Sue, a Black and Tan Smooth girl came to us from Saddle Club Kennel in Raymond, Illinois to help rejuvenate the Smooth breeding program!
        Soon after settling in Indiana, I was told that another breeder in the area used the Jodachs name to register and show her dachshunds! Since I had been using "Wolff"s" or "Von Wolff" to name and register all my doxies since seemed to be a good idea to change the kennel name to "Von Wolff Kennel". So in 2006, Von Wolff Kennel Miniature Dachshunds  was officially begun.
        At the same time, I met people involved in AKC conformation showing. I started to learn how to show and began entering my dogs in AKC sponsored events in Indiana, and Illinois. Recently, Titan competed in Michigan. This has been one of my long-time dreams come true. Someday soon, one of my Dachshunds will have Champion before it's name.
        I welcome you to join us on this happy Dachshund journey! Enjoy the pages here, call and "talk doxie", come up and introduce yourself at a dogshow....You never know...your life may include a cardboard box in your dining room full of dachshund happiness too!

Joanne D. Wolff