A Dackshund who plays soccer,
skateboads,dances and plays
frisbee.His name is Goemon !
A long-haired Dachshund, Üter, tends to
go a little ballistic when vermin are present!
Sad dachshund songs
An original dachshund song by
A video about Dachshunds...
With a FUNNY song!!
Original song that celebrates the enigmatic, beloved dachshund, featuring video footage and adorable photos of wiener dogs in various poses. Song written and performed by Yet Another String Band.
Sing along with the funloving dachshunds of DRNA. See adoptable dachshunds at www.drna.org. Dachs Song courtesy of Paul de Vries - visit www.dachsong.com
A chance meeting got the filmmaker to follow and to film a stranger with seven dachshunds on Tokyo's Omotesando Avenue.
Heidi Lin the dachshund's version of
Michael Jackson's "I Am All Alone"
A cute slideshow with pictures of random dachshunds and the song
"Who Let The Dogs Out?"
by the Baha Men.
"Dark Side of the Wiener"
Original piece that celebrates the dachshund in ways never thought of before!
A bit unusual...but so are Dachshunds!
and Last but not Least....
The woman that made this video says;
My dachshund think she owns my husband. I sent this to him as a joke from her
Premiere episode of Gugu Danger Dawg. Watch him battle space aliens to save his doggie treats!
Awesome Wiener Dog
Riding killer Skateboard.
This song is about Olive.
She is a very special little doxie girl.
Get your tissues ready..
A perspective of Divinity
that I can agree with :)