The Mission of Von Wolff Kennel Miniature Dachshunds

        With over 20 years dachshund breeding experience behind
 us, VWK has undertaken a breeding program to produce
 our very own line of miniature dachshunds. The emphasis
 in this program is, first and foremost, on proper
  temperment. No dog that displays aggression, undue
 shyness, a tendency to nip or growl will be a part of the
 breeding program. We welcome visitors to our Kennel, as
 we know our dachshunds will be friendly and happy to
 see them. The proper Dachshund temperment includes
 being good with children, adults and other animals....
 although this is not written in the AKC/NMDC Standard for the is one of the criteria at VWK for a dog to be  selected for the breeding program.
         Puppies are screened for health and conformation. A few will be chosen to enter AKC conformation events.
        From the dogs being shown...selective pairings will
 be made. The best offspring will be kept at VWK to act
 as the basis of the breeding program. Our future Sires and
 Dams. Hopefully they will all be AKC Champions.
        This kind of effort doesn't take place overnight. Dogs
 may be chosen, then found to not be suitable for one reason
 or another. Those will be offered for sale to good homes
  with the agreement to spay or neuter. They will make wonderful  family pets as they have been well socialized and trained.
        The outcome of this plan will be to create a line of
 miniature dachshunds known for their kind and loving
 attitudes, their robust, long term health, and their
 outstanding beauty as it is described in the AKC Breed
 Standard for Dachshunds!

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