Cinjay-Gzndr Queen Isabella, ML
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         Isabella comes to VWK from our friends Cynthia Clapper, Cinjays 
   Dachshunds, and Jill Lindsey, Guzzunder Dachshunds.
   Isabella is a welcome addition to the Dapple pattern at VWK.
      Queen Isabella is a beautiful Black and Tan Dapple, with prominent
   color points, dark almond eyes and a superior structure. She is just
   lovely in her flowing white,silver and black gown, with white ruffles at
   her neck!
        To say Isabella fits her name is not explaining properly! She truly
   is a little Queen, and behaves like a royal! When she is in the group
   of resident VWK doxies, she will find the highest she can
   look down on her "subjects" and give an occasion barking command!
   The fact that she is 9 lbs, a good deal of which is her heavy coat,
   adds to the dramatic effect. Queen Isabella is our reigning monarch!
     She is one of the happiest dachshunds I have ever encountered,and
  doesn't stand still long enough for a table examination by a judge.
  Although Isabella is AKC pointed, here at VWK, she will lend her
  wonderful genetics by way of the whelping box. Watch for a soon to be
  announced litter of puppies...they should be exceptional little royal pups!

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