Galaxy was shown the first time at Waseon, Ohio on October 8, 2011.
         She had an outstanding first attempt at showing...having no fear or
         trepidation.            She was awarded Reserve Winners Bitch. 

        Her second show was at Fort Wayne, Indiana on November 2, 2011.
           This day she took a 2nd place in the 6-9 month Puppy Bitch class.

        At the Chicagoland Hound Show on Nov 20, 2011, Galaxy was given
                          the Best Bred By Exhibitor Puppy Ribbon !

        On Nov. 26, 2011...Galaxy took her first win under Judge Bradley Jenkins
                            at the Lakeshore Kennel Club Dogshow!.
            She went Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex for a single point.
                              Now she has begun her show career!
            The following day, Galaxy was Reserve Winners Bitch under
                                            Judge Allen E. Pepper. 

                   The Black Hawk Kennel Club Dogshow on Feb 24, 2012
              gave Galaxy her 2nd point under judge Mrs. Anne T. Fleming
                                      ~~~Thank You Judge Fleming!~~        
                 At The Steel City Kennel Club Dogshow on April 14, 2012...
       "Majestic Milky Way Galaxy  Von Wolff, MSB" is awarded her 3rd point
         as Winners Bitch and Best Of Opposite Sex ...shown in the above photo....
                             by Judge Thomas Kilcullen.~~ Thank You Judge Kilcullen!~~

                                       The following day, April 15, 2012...           
                                   Judge Kent Delaney awards Galaxy
                         Smooth Winner's Bitch and Best Of Opposite Sex!
                                 This is Galaxy's 4th Conformation point.
                                        ~~ Thank You Judge Delaney! ~~

        Galaxy goes up as Winners bitch at the Valparaiso Kennel Club
        dogshow on June 27, 2012 under Judge Stephen J. Hubbell. This
       brings Galaxy to 5 single points towards her AKC Conformation
       Championship!        ~~Thank You Judge Hubbell!~~

  On Sept. 16, 2012...Galaxy was awarded Winners Bitch, Best Of Winners and
  the Best of Variety win by Judge Stephen J. Hubbell at the Greater Lafayette
  Kennel Club Dogshow in Lebanon, Indiana. Galaxy was her usual sparkling
  little self...and I'm am sure that's why Judge Hubbell likes her!  She now has
  a total of  6 points towards her AKC Conformation Championship.
                   Good Job Galaxy!.....and ~~Thank You Judge Hubbell!~~