These are questions often asked before obtaining a VWK Puppy or Dog.

1. Are these miniature dachshunds good pets for my children?
A. We recommend the children be over 8 years old to own a doxie. Dachshunds are sturdy, but can be harmed if not carried properly,dropped or otherwise treated roughly by a younger child. Most kids love helping take care of the new dachshund pet! AKC offers events especially for kids and their dachshunds to participate in!
2. How big will my VWK dachshund puppy get?
A. It will be between 7lbs and 15lbs as an adult.
Reasonable assumptions of size, "guesses" can be made by looking closely at the parents and previous offspring of the same parents. However, larger or smaller dogs come out of litters of average size dogs. When choosing a puppy, size should only be one consideration. Temperment and health should be more important.
3. When should I spay or neuter my VWK dachshund puppy?
A. Although many veterinarians still insist on spay/neuter of puppies at a very young age, recent research and studies on dog health point to the fact that keeping a dog intact until 9-12months
of age will help ward off osteoporosis and other late life diseases and conditions. You may be purchasing a puppy with a Limited AKC registration, which includes an agreement to spay or neuter...but VWK only requires this be done by 12months for
the better health of the dog. Older dogs or juvenile puppys may
already be spayed or neutered by VWK before going home with you.
4. When can we pick up or have our VWK puppy shipped?
A. At 8 weeks of age Air Animal Transport is available through many Airlines. VWK also feels that the puppy needs to be with it's Dam for comfort and socialization for at least that long. When puppies are seperated from their mothers too soon, they often develop bad behaviors and "act out" by being destructive, howling or chewing. It's easy to avoid these problems...let the mother and the other VWK dogs socialize your puppy!

5. What if I want a puppy that VWK doesn't have right now?
A. You can place your name on a waiting list with VWK that will allow us to contact you if puppies in a future litter are available. This is the best way to get the first choice of available puppies. Remember,sex, color and coat type should be a lesser consideration than how the puppy's attitude and temperment suits yours!