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                                _TERMS OF AGREEMENT_

Von Wolff Kennel(hereafter called VWK) is placing this puppy into the lifetime (hopefully)
care of the New Owner(hereafter called NewO). With execution of this contract, and
payment of all moneys due to VWK,ownership of this puppy is hereby transferred to NewO.
VWK is not now and never has been a 'commercial breeder', OR 'pet broker'. 
The adoption fees will compensate VWK for some, but not all of the direct and indirect
expenses of producing a puppy of this breed and quality.

Von Wolff Kennels does not knowingly sell to Pet Stores,Agents,Resellers,or Puppy Mills!
If it is found that the NewO is any of those, any transaction begun will be voided and all
money transferred will be kept by VWK. Legal proceedings for fraud may also be filed.
If you intend to resell or profit from the purchase of this Dachshund, be aware that you may
be prosecuted. We feel very strongly about this and do not mean to scare away good,
potential owners. Those wishing to show and/or breed this Dachshund should make
VWK aware before making a deposit or agreeing to purchase.

                                    General terms
- VWK guarantees that the above described dog is a purebred AKC Dachshund.
- VWK cannot guarantee adult size, color, coat or conformation. Reasonable assumptions
can be made but do not constitute a guarantee.
- This Agreement is between VWK and NewO, and is non-transferable in whole or part.
- VWK and NewO certify by signing this Agreement that this dog is not purchased for resale
purposes, and that VWK will be notified if it is necessary for this dog to change hands.
First right of refusal will be given to VWK. This extends through the lifetime of the
-Effort to remain in contact with VWK must be made by NewO. If NewO moves or
changes their name, it is expected that the new information will be provided to VWK.
This is important for the tracking of health and age in the Von Wolff line of Dachshunds.
-Von Wolff Kennel may contact NewO periodically for updates on your dogs condition.

                                Price,Payment,Shipping terms
-The purchase price for the above mentioned Dachshund shall be $      .00, payable in full
prior to receipt or shipping of said dog.
-Deposits are non-refundable.
-Payment of a deposit to hold a specific puppy will apply in full to the adoption price.
-Deposits made toward a pick from an unborn litter will be held for 30 days after the birth.
If NewO does not approve of and select a puppy from that litter, the deposit may be
transferred to another future litter at the discretion of VWK.
-Deposits and payments by PayPal are preferred, NewO to pay the PayPal transaction fee
(usually 3%). This method protects both VWK and NewO.
-Deposit by Money Order,Certified Check or Cash is acceptable,however checks will not
be considered paid until 30 days has elapsed, and bank clearance occurred. Final payments
will also be held for bank clearance and may delay the transfer of the puppy to NewO.
-Payment terms of 25% Deposit,25% payment,25%payment and 25% final payment are
acceptable upon NewO request and VWK acceptance. No portion of the paid amount will
be refunded if NewO is unable or unwilling to complete the purchase.
-No puppy will be transferred or shipped until all funds have bank clearance.
-VWK agrees to shipment within a reasonable time of final payment being transacted and
cleared. During mild weather, this time frame is 3-4 days. During inclimate weather,
shipping may be delayed by as long as a month or 6 weeks. This in no way voids the
purchase.VWK agrees to maintain the Dachshund until shipping can be accomplished,
at no additional expense to NewO.

                                        Health terms
- All puppies come with dewormings according to their age, but are not guaranteed against
parasites including coccidia and giardia.
- All puppies will come with the proper immunizations according to their age.
-Older puppies and Adult dogs will come with immunizations up to date, including rabies
and heartworm preventative if old enough to be administered.
- VWK will have a full health examination done by a licensed veterinarian on all puppies
before leaving the premises.
-If being shipped, a Veterinary Certificate of Health will accompany the Dachshund.
-VWK agrees to transfer the Dachshund to NewO in good health,with a record of
medical treatment the dog has received and guarantee the dog to be free of congenital or
contagious diseases at the time of purchase.
- The health of this animal is guaranteed for 72 hours through examination by a veterinarian
at the option and expense of the NewO. 
-If the dog is found to be of unsatisfactory health and written documentation of the
condition is presented toVWK in those same 72 hours, VWK shall refund 100%
of the purchase price, provided the dog and registration papers (if applicable) are returned
to VWK at the NewO's expense.
- VWK guarantees this dog to be free of life-threatening genetic/hereditary defects
by 12 months of age. Determination of what constitutes a hereditary defect is to be made
by the unanimous agreement of two Veterinarians agreeable to both parties.  Cost of the
opinions is to be assumed by NewO.
- If the decision is mutually agreeable that veterinary care or surgery can correct the defect,
VWK shall agree to pay cost that VWK's veterinarian would deem appropriate, not to
exceed the original purchase price of the Dachshund.
-VWK will provide an estimate of said costs to NewO and will agree to pay this amount to
NewO. This decision must be agreed upon by VWK.
- VWK will replace this Dachshund if it dies due to any hereditary defects only if the following
conditions are also met.
       1. NewO must consult with VWK within 24 hours of any illness and follow advice of
VWK's veterinarian.  Under no circumstances is VWK to be held responsible for medical
services not authorized by VWK. 
       2. NewO must have an autopsy performed by VWK's Veterinarian or VWK's Vet of
choice in NewO's area within 24 hours of death.
- NewO agrees to maintain the dog in good health at all times with periodic health checks by
a licensed veterinarian. Also, all immunizations and worming are to be kept up to date at
NewO's expense after the purchase agreement is made.
-NewO agrees to provide adequate housing according to state law, to confine the dog to
a fenced yard, kennel run or house in order to prevent/protect it from injury, theft or abuse.

                                Registration and Spay/Neuter terms
-This dog is being transfered as a Companion only, (unless Full registration is agreed upon
between VWK and NewO), and Limited AKC Registration papers will be presented to
NewO upon proof in the form of a written statement from his/her veterinarian on the vet's
official letterhead of spay/neuter being completed. The NewO has exactly(1) year from
whelping date in which to comply with this portion of the agreement, after which time the
AKC papers will be null and void.
- If this dog is being purchased on full AKC registration (breeding/show rights), NewO agrees
to put "WOLFF'S or VON WOLFF" before OR after the given name of the dog on the
AKC registration paperwork.
-VWK agrees to furnish NewO with an accurate pedigree upon delivery of the Dachshund if
it is being purchased with Full registration.
-If this dog is being purchased for show purposes, Von Wolff Kennel does not guarantee the
dog will be successful in its showring efforts. Too many external factors beyond our control
contribute to a dogs career in the showring for a guarantee to be made. If the Dachshund
is adopted as a show prospect, we have determined it to be a potential good example of the
Breed Standard and therefore a "showable" dog. Von Wolff Kennel assumes no
responsibility for the Dachshunds' results in the showring.
-If the Dachshund is purchased with breeding in mind, or as part of a Breeding Program,
Von Wolff Kennel does not guarantee the results of any produced offspring.The selection
of breeding partners, genetics of each dog and care of the bitch during whelping vary widely
and is outside the control of Von Wolff Kennel. Reasonable assumptions can be made as
to coat,color,patterns and conformation using DNA, parentage research and pedigrees, but
this does not constitute any guarantee of breeding outcome.
-Should this Dachshund be used for any breeding purposes other than what has been
agreed to by VWK and NewO in this agreement, NewO shall be held in breach of
contract which will be construed as damaging to VWK and legal recourse will be taken
in the amount of five thousand dollars ($5,000.00)in addition to all court costs,lawyer fees
and other associated fees.

                                Temperament terms
- The proper upbringing of the puppy are the responsibility of NewO.
-Under no circumstances is VWK to be held responsible for the dog's behavior.
-Von Wolff Kennel strives to produce FIRST and FOREMOST, Dachshunds of proper
temperament. This attitude is described in the AKC/UKC Breed Standard.
Any lack of boldness, tendency to nip, or excessive barking can be environmental or a
learned behavior, therefore not a responsibility of VWK.
-Von Wolff Kennel advises and recommends that all puppies be enrolled in obedience
training classes or taught basic commands regarding behavior by NewO. Failure to do
so may result in an unruly,destructive or unsocial dog.Von Wolff Kennel assumes no
responsibility for this outcome.
-VWK has made every effort to socialize,with other animals and people, the said Dachshund
and cannot control what happens once it leaves our premises.
-In many cases, leash training,housebreaking and basic commands are already being
taught to your puppy before purchase. It is NewO's responsibility to continue the puppys'
education to maximize its' best behavior and performance as an adult.
-The temperament of our parent dogs can be seen and experienced by visiting
Von Wolff Kennel facility and interacting with the dogs. We are happy to arrange this for
prospective NewOs, with an appointment. We highly recommend this visit prior to making
a purchase.

                                        Legal terms
-This agreement shall be deemed executed in the State of Indiana and construed and
interpreted according to the laws of the State of Indiana. Let it be mutually understood and
agreed that any litigation regarding this sale shall be brought about in the County and State
where the sale originated.  Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the
performance of this agreement shall be settled and enforced in the state and federal courts
(depending on the jurisdiction) located within the state of Indiana.
-No other warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made under this agreement.
This agreement constitutes the entire understanding between Von Wolff Kennel and NewO
and shall supercede any and all previous understandings and agreements pertaining to the
subject matter of this agreement. Any changes or amendments to this agreement must be
in writing and agreed to by both parties.
-In no event shall the amount of any refund, reimbursement or liability on the part of VWK
NewO be greater than the purchase price of the Dachshund.
















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