Bred here at VWK,This son of Champion Diego and our Hope,
Jaguar XKE Von Wolff, MSB  "Jag" is a very special doxie boy. First, his very dark Red Brindle coat makes him a standout.
When you look closer and see his long,low structure...great ribbing, forechest, layback and deep keel topped with a beautiful "houndy" head, you can see why I picked him as Diego's successor in the
Smooth breeding program!

As I predicted, Jag started in the Conformation showring with
a bang! In his first 3 entries he took Best of Variety wins, and
his 4th entry he was awarded a 3 point crossover major. So far,
he has won everytime he was entered. We like this streak and
hope it continues!

Being so thrilled with Jaguar, I have decided to repeat the
breeding that produced him. So, in Sept 2013 we will welcome
Jag's full brothers and sisters. If we are lucky, there will be
a girl in this litter that has Jag's great structure...having the
same lovely color and pattern would be a bonus!

    Watch for Jag in the Smooth Conformation showring at an
AKC dogshow near you. He'll be the dark Red Brindle dog with
the purple ribbons!

Jag's Show Wins